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Our curriculum is vibrant and rich, whilst being carefully structured, planned and delivered.


Staff prioritise getting to know pupils well so that they ensure a good match between each child and the learning opportunities provided.


Our "Fish Philosophy" encourages us to have fun, whilst recognising that educating children is a serious task.


We cater for the full range of ability, ensuring that each child makes good progress and attains according to his/her potential. Our careful tracking and monitoring systems ensure that we know precisely where we need to focus targets for individuals and groups. The link at the foot of the page will open our curriculum map for the Edisonlearning Connected Curriculum units. Additionally, we use the Learning Units with a half term focus: Autumn 1: Learning Together Autumn 2: It's up to me Spring 1: Becoming Better Learners Spring 2: Knowing Me, Knowing You Summer 1: Think, Think, Think! Summer 2: Speaking and Listening.

Our RE curriculum makes up 10% of our teaching time. Through the Diocesan approved programme, "Come and See," pupils learn about their own faith, world faiths, traditions and celebrations.  Children are encouraged to show respect for one another and to celebrate diversity.

In line with Diocesan Policy, Governors have adopted the "Journey in Love" Programme for the teaching of Sex and Relationships Education. The details for each year group are outlined for parents at our Information Meetings. In this way, the school ensures that it works closely with families in this vital work. The programme contents are woven through our curriculum and linked to relevant subjects such as science (eg.reproduction) and the Learning Skills units described above. 


Our RE curriculum is enhanced by regular visits from our Parish Priest, Fr. Gerry, who leads weekly assemblies and enjoys working with our older pupils each year to design the new Paschal Candle for the parish church. Please follow the link below for the Come and See overview.




Sporting Successes Abound!

Following some remarkable achievements in 2016 & 2017 (Football League Champions, District ​Sports Winners, Basketball Winner and Deanery Football champions) we have just learned that our Boys' Football team are league champions for 2018, for the fourth year running! Our girls' team have been improving year on year and were league champions in 2017. This is an amazing feat for a small school. Well done boys. Sincere thanks to Mr. Dawes, their coach and to all involved in supporting and sponsoring our teams.

Our Key Stage One pupils came second in the Deanery Cross Country event (The Pentecost Dash) hosted here at St. Teresa's. A great performance.

All teachers provide an annual Information Meeting for parents in September​ where the details of the curriculum to be followed is outlined in more detail. We find these sessions invaluable in ensuring parents understand the expectations for the year regarding homework etc. and cements the vital partnership arrangements which we value so highly.

Should you wish to find out more details regarding our curriculum, please contact our Deputy Headteacher who leads on curriculum development across the school.​

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        Maths Statement 2018

        English Statement 2018

         RE Policy 2017​

         Sex Education Policy 2017​